Welcome to Bluest

At our core is the dedication to lessening the complexities of starting and growing a business.  The entrepreneurial industry standards are very much fragmented and can be exhausting to navigate which will work best. Far too often innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses experience contradiction and preventable mistakes along the way.  Bluest gets it, after working with many clients over 20 years to help start and grow their businesses. We’ve partnered with federal, state and local governments, big and small companies and academia to cover a wide range view of the industry. What we’ve discovered is that the blueprint methodology provides the framework for real start-up and growth solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We have witnessed clients start, increase revenue, secure contracts, add employees, secure funding and more, breaking the mold. 

Founder and Managing Partner, Dee Claxton, is an industry pioneer in business strategies, program and process engineering for entrepreneurship and small business. Together our consultants and strategic partners encompass a wide range of expertise throughout the small business ecosystem.  With committed partnerships and alliances, we transform the density of entrepreneurship and provide essential tools to help clients produce results.  

Our mission is to bridge the gaps in starting and growing viable and sustainable businesses; particularly for marginalized communities and emerging markets. 


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