Welcome to Bluest

Why Bluest?  We are a solutions-driven provider focusing on bridging the gaps in starting and growing viable and sustainable businesses, particularly for marginalized communities and emerging markets. 

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Dee Claxton is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. Dee remembers growing up in Connecticut with her family of Tortola and Nevis, West Indies  and as a kid had to answer the one-way phone line, Claxton residence, how may I help you; to helping her grandpa write a one-page contract for their rental properties and riding in his van to fix up the units when needed. Yet, she still looked forward to going to school, getting a degree, and working in the corporate arena. Dee initially ran away from her entrepreneurial roots. This career path appeared to work until it didn't anymore. When she and her entire office got laid off from a Federal Government agency (which it takes an act of Congress to do, it's rare), her survival skills kicked in and she did what she was exposed to early on, start a business. The first attempt at entrepreneurship began as a Realtor. Next, she launched DMR and began servicing global markets as a young entrepreneur. 

After the 9/11 events occurred, her company fell victim to the tightening of purse strings, and she had not fully understood how to exit and sell a company. At that time, her markets were primarily servicing the wealthy and she had not made the connection that even the wealthy tighten up spending, until it was kind of too late to sell. Dee went back to work to help other entrepreneurs start and grow. After several years of helping others, she soon recognized the limitations of working in the corporate arena, yet again. She also quickly learned that the entrepreneurial industry standards are very much fragmented and can be exhausting for entrepreneurs to navigate which will work best. Far too often innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses experience contradiction and preventable mistakes along the way. After deciding to forge a deeper connection to help shape the current landscape around entrepreneurship and small business, Dee reimaged her consulting practice and launched Bluest in 2019. 

Working with many clients for over 20 years to help start and grow successful businesses, we get it. We leverage our partnerships with governments, commercial, and academia to cover a wide range of views in industry. Our consultants and strategic partners encompass a wide range of expertise throughout the small business ecosystem. With committed partnerships and alliances, we transform the density of entrepreneurship and provide essential tools to help clients produce real results. Together we will break the mold, one entrepreneur, one institution at a time.  


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