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The Leverage

The Leverage

Ready to control your vision, your business, and it's development?  We are ready to guide you.  Gain a bona fide partner to:

  • gain strategies to scale
  • build business resilience
  • put in place suitable business models
  • build out logistics and run operations seamlessly
  • change by design, reimage your brand, product, service or business model
  • add a new product or service line
    and more...

You'll be absolutely amazed at what we accomplish in 12 sessions.  

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase The Leverage for a total of 12, one-hour sessions
  2. Complete new client form
  3. We recommend you schedule your first session and meet with our consultant
  4. Together, you and your consultant may determine a reasonable schedule.  You may combine sessions, space them out- whatever works.

Gain real results during your sessions to help you achieve your business goals.


Entrepreneurship Programs

Entrepreneurship Programs

At our core is the delivery of programs for companies seeking to launch and improve entrepreneurship cohort-based programs. As a resource partner, we provide the design and management of new and existing programs.


Design and facilitation of 1-1 counseling sessions for targeted entrepreneurship and small business development workshops for new and existing programs. We help to improve your delivery and results.

Economic Inclusion

Small businesses drive economies. Governments are positioned to govern and lead their development and best practices for the industry. Bluest supports the inclusion of small businesses in marginalized populations and communities.