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60-Minute Power Session

A powerful one-hour virtual session, designed to help you build and grow your business effectively.  We get you on track right away to develop your vision and business venture, saving you time and money.  Sessions are suitable for:

  • pre-venture (idea phase)
  • start-ups (ready to lauch or just launched)
  • established business needing to go back to the drawing board 
  • develop the blueprint
  • marketing and branding 
  • and so much more...

We meet you were you are!  You'll be amazed at what we accomplish in 60 minutes.  

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase your 1-hour power session
  2. Complete our intake forms
  3. Schedule your session
  4. Get instant results during your session to help you improve your bottom line.


Entrepreneurial Programs

Entrepreneurship Programs

At our core is the delivery of entrepreneurial programs for companies seeking to launch and improve entrepreneurial cohort-based programs. As a resource partner, we provide the design or management of new and existing programs.


Design and  facilitation, one-one counseling sessions. for targeted entrepreneurship and small business workshops for new and existing programs . We help you improve its delivery and results.

Economic Inclusion

Small businesses drive economies. Governments are positioned to govern and lead their development and best practices for the industry. Bluest supports the inclusion of businesses in marginalized populations and communities.