New Small Business Solutions Podcast 

Check out our Blueprints and Programs Podcast Series:  The Process of Entrepreneurship:  Our Founder and Managing Partner Dee Claxton outlines the top ten recommended processes for entreprenuers to start, manage and grow your buiness.  

Connecticut Radio:
Let's Talk About It: Bluest talks with host Carolyn Wright about business structures and more tips for entrepreneurs.

Washington, DC
How to Make Your First Dollar: Dee Claxton has a candid conversation with host Alejandra Castillo, CEO of YWCA USA, about how to make your first dollar.  Sponsored by the Coca Cola Foundation

Ghana, Africa
Championing Women-Owned Businesses:  Daily Guide Network of Ghana, Africa journalist discusses women-owned business interest in the US with Dee Claxton.
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Nigeria, Africa
Entrepreneurship in the Eyes of the World:  Business Day pre- Global Entrepreneurship Summit report with Dee Claxton
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Thailand, Asia
Chasing Your American Dream? Why not choose Washington D.C.?  Dee Claxton talks with Business Next, Feliciana Hsu about a glimpse of a diverse capital in the U.S. not too many people think of Washington D.C. as a place for entrepreneurs to do business. But there are many reasons why entrepreneurs should consider it.
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