Entrepreneur Services

60 Min Power Session

Consultation and support to help you start and grow your business effectively. Small business experts assists to support your business development.  Sessions are suitable for:

• idea stage ventures
 start-ups looking to launch 
• established business 
• going back to the drawing board 

Accelerator 90 Days

We stand ready to accelerate your business development. Secure one-on-one expert consultation and support services to help you build and grow.  Gain a bona-fide partner to: 

•start or scale your business 
• start or build-out a project 
• strategic planning

Business Development 
Fast Track

Fast track your business development. Secure 6 months of one-on-one expert business development and support services. Get it right the first-time around. Package suitable to gain a bona-fide partner to: 

• start or scale your business 
• start or build-out a project 
• develop business models 
• develop operation plans 
• improve processes and systems
• gain market share

Strategy by Design

Gain support from experts for innovative ventures, projects, and products. We help with strategic blueprints and business development in uncharted territories. Grassroots support for disruptive social enterprising of new products or other services in the marketplace. You just may have the solution to solve simple or complex problems and change the world 

•we help you bring it to market

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