Program Development and Management

  1. Entrepreneurship Program Development and Management: Develop and manage entrepreneurship cohort-based projects for new and existing programs. We set-up technical support systems to help meet strategic goals, capture and measure its success.  We are confident you will thank us later.
  2. Workshops and One-on-One Counseling: Design and manage entrepreneurship and small business workshops,  special events, one-on-one counseling sessions for new and existing programs.  Our focus is around strategically targeted business development, marketing and branding, government contracting, access to capital, strategy and innovation.  Improve program delivery and provide real results for  entrepreneurs in alignment with your strategic plan. Limit discouraged innovators,  a significant waste of budget dollars and resources, and build-in champions and solutions-driven results.  
  3. Process Improvement/Quality Assurance:  Assess, develop, and improve business models, process designs to gain better, repeatable, performance. Integrate quality solutions to reduce liability, maintain well-organized and proficient operations. Why not eliminate risk, waste, and or abuse?
  4. Seeding Disruption and Innovation:  With the focus on social programs, intellectual development, new concepts, and the development of human consciousness, it will not be enough to build wealth but a contribution to humanity. We help decode innovative business projects in uncharted territories and guide good disruptive social enterprising. Besides, you may have the solution to solve simple or complex problems and change the world.  We are ready to help you. 

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