Program Development and Management

  1. Entrepreneurial Program Development and Management:  Develop and manage entrepreneurial programs for innovation labs, wet labs, accelerators, incubators, and other cohort-based programs. We design or improve business models, process designs, strategy and technical support to help meet strategic goals. Our designs provide the framework to capture and measure success. We know the importance of stakeholder communication and engagement and the process of phases, trials, prototypes, testing, quality assurance, taking products to market and continuous improvement.
  2. Process Improvement/Quality Assurance: Assess, identify, develop or improve business models, process designs to get better, repeatable, performance. Integrate quality solutions to reduce risks and maintain well-organized and proficient operations.
  3. Train the Trainer: We challenge the obvious narrative, that oftentimes, small business points of contact are not always experts equipped to provide clear guidance around the small business process to properly guide customers. We help translate the small business process so that those in position, with or without entrepreneurial experience, can guide small business clients like a pro. This workshop provides on-site simulations geared towards entrepreneur and small business employees, staff and other resources in the ecosystem.
  4. Inclusive Business and Economic Development: An inclusive business is a sustainable business that benefits marginalized communities. Recognizing the need to promote economic inclusion is one thing, but doing it is another. We work with you to develop strategies on how to bring about more inclusive growth.
  5. Emergency Preparedness/Continuity of Operations:  Prepare businesses with custom emergency preparedness and continuity of operations plans. Support governments during the recovery process for the business community when disaster hits. Questions will arise after an event occurs. For instance, how will operations continue in the event of a disaster or emergency? Will employees still get paid, will benefits continue? There will be lots of questions. Be prepared and proactive if disaster should hit.

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